The consumer healthcare market is an increasingly competitive space with the biggest challenge to brands being the need for a deeper understanding of their consumer, coupled with more relevant product claims to secure their relevance and stand out.

Historically brands have had to rely upon expensive and time consuming randomised clinical trials for product claims, which in some cases can take years to complete, resulting in huge delays in re-establishing a relevance in the market.

However, the regulatory space is changing rapidly. Many consumer healthcare companies are now shifting their attention to digital Real World Evidence, which can provide extensive ‘real world’ consumer insight essential for strategy, but also be used as a vehicle to generate new product claims at a fraction of the cost of an RCT and in a fraction of the time.

Orbital Global Research have been the pioneers of this exciting new trend.

With over 15 years’ experience within the consumer healthcare arena, Orbital is recognised as one of the UK’s leading, independent digital service providers. One of our greatest achievements has been to help pioneer Digital Real-World Evidence studies, which essentially allows consumer healthcare brands to make new and approved product claims, at the fraction of the cost of a clinical trial and within just 6-9 months.

This achievement has grown to become a new division of the company in its own right: Orbital Research.

The methodology has so far had a 100% success rate at securing the claims clients have targeted, and new claims found using the methodology have been accepted by the PAGB and the MHRA.

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