"A game changer, providing cost savings and increased speed to market”

- Consumer Healthcare Industry Awards

Healthcare brands are increasingly under pressure to provide up to date, credible evidence, to improve or support licensed indications and claims, throughout a product’s lifecycle. RWE is backed by the Association of The British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI). It has also been reported in:

In response to this we have launched a pioneering solution – Digital Real World Data Collection  – enabling brands to collect data in a pertinent, low-cost manner to support licensed indications, patterns of use and outcomes in the real world. Our data collection methodologies and technologies have been applied to this exciting, new technique, which was originally designed by independent Medical Officer, Dr. Martin Goldman.


The benefits of Digital Real World Evidence

Low-cost solution in comparison to RCTs; often up to a tenth of the cost.

Data is collected on a large scale, enabling detailed / granular analysis.

New claims can be in place within 6-12 months. RCTs can take years!

Studies can be conducted into areas where conventional healthcare research is not possible, or difficult.

The data collection process is not governed by clinical trial regulations, offering greater control.

It provides evidence that can be used to strengthen existing product claims or help develop new ones.

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